Are you interested in becoming a featured speaker for RTM Higher Education Congresses?

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At our Higher Education Congresses, the most innovative thought leaders in the Higher Education field take centre stage to share key insights, expertise, and their cutting-edge approach to challenges and opportunities of note.

For industry professionals and experts, the opportunity to join us as a featured speaker enables you to share your thought leadership with an eager and invested audience of peers and partners. Connect with industry professionals while contributing to the advancement of Higher Education innovation.

Benefits to featured speakers

RTM’s Higher Education Congresses are an exclusive platform for key industry professionals to converge and collaborate. Access takes place through an invitation-only curatorial approach, ensuring each Congress is defined by participants who are experts and decision-makers in their field. The result is a highly curated, targeted environment, creating enhanced outcomes that result in true organizational change.

For our Higher Education Congress featured speakers, benefits include:

Prominent industry visibility

Through the exposure offered within our exclusive Congresses, you can build your personal and professional brand, with new opportunities emerging from your thought leadership.

Focused networking

Discover new opportunities for collaboration, expand your professional network, meet new peers, and find future partners within our streamlined and efficient networking environments.

Thought leadership

Contribute your voice and your experiences to the continued innovation of the Higher Education sector, empowering your fellow attendees as they face similar challenges in their own organizations.

Continuous growth

Whether you’re looking for your next professional opportunity, growing your visibility, or cultivating your niche thought leadership, your participation as a keynote speaker within an RTM Congress may open the door to your next defining career opportunity.

RTM Higher Education Congress audiences and attendees

The nature of our invitation-only Congress environment means you’ll find the Higher Education sector’s leading authorities, decision-makers and innovators in one strategic environment. RTM Higher Education Congresses gather delegates and partners who are leading the way in sector innovation, creating a shared experience of learning and discovery.

For those who are looking to enhance their professional presence or cultivate their thought leadership, this audience provides exclusive access to participants who are most attuned to shared priorities and pressing industry-specific issues.

Attendees include Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and Chief Information Security Officers from institutions nationwide. Find a primed audience who are focused on discovering how the processes and frameworks employed by your institution can be strategically implemented within their own.

Higher Education Congress topics and areas of focus

Our Higher Education Congresses focus on topics such as:

Staff and Student Interaction in Hybrid/Online Programs

Cloud-based Infrastructure

Gamification and Student Engagement

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Converting Data Analytics into Action Plans

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Ready to learn more?

If you have the experiences and insights necessary to educate, inspire, and lead the nation’s foremost Higher Education professionals, the RTM Higher Congress platform is the place for your voice. Reach out to our team today.

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