Opportunity and innovation for the Higher Education sector

Discover the latest innovations fuelling the industry’s future

In an RTM Higher Education Congress, you’ll be introduced to breakthrough strategies and industry-changing technologies that are redefining the industry landscape, delivering new standards for academic excellence, institutional governance and student experiences.

A Congress for Higher Education leaders

With each Congress uniquely shaped to the needs and priorities of industry leaders and decision-makers, our events foster discovery, innovation, and opportunities for crucial conversations that define the ongoing trajectory of the Higher Education field.

Curated and strategic networking opportunities

Meet your fellow Higher Education academic innovators and thought leaders in our curated networking experiences. With an invitation-only approach to event design, you’ll enjoy the benefits of meeting peers and future collaborators whose work is purposefully aligned with your own.

Enhanced delegate outcomes

Each RTM Congress is designed to deliver the highest value for your time investment. With every aspect of your participation curated and personalized, we ensure the time and energy you invest into our forums results in significant and meaningful personal, professional, and organizational value.

The RTM Commitment

RTM is committed to delivering transformative and meaningful experiences in each of our Congresses. Recognizing the passion and commitment of our Higher Education delegates, we shape unique platforms that empower the sector with convergence opportunities that fuel new discoveries, connections, and innovations that drive ongoing change.

With the nation’s leading Higher Education professionals at our Congresses, dedication and expertise is the connective tissue. We draw on the experiences of these delegates to shape areas of focus for each Congress that respond to the unique needs and objectives of our attendees. In an invitation-only environment, you’ll be surrounded by industry-leading peers whose desired learnings align with your own.

Our curated work results in a powerful and effective environment, crafting opportunities for genuine discovery, impactful connections, and ongoing organizational benefits. Achieved within an efficient multi-day Congress format, you can condense learnings that may otherwise take years into just a few hours of innovative discovery.

At RTM K-12, your success is our own. We strive to create environments that fuel your knowledge, expand your networks, and amplify your impact in the K-12 education sector.

RTM Blueprints

Our Blueprints are curated Higher Education-specific white papers, available exclusively to past and present RTM Higher Education Congress attendees and qualified industry leaders.

In these resources, you’ll find the latest issues of note, designed to equip you in an ongoing manner to navigate strategic changes that are future-facing within your organization and area of influence.

Understanding, Embracing, and Integrating Artificial Intelligence

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Blueprint for All School District Leaders

This Blueprint focuses on making students feel represented, and creating a sense of belonging, as well as finding and implementing ethnic studies resources in curriculum and instruction.

Key testimonials


"My experience at the HE CIO Congress put on by RTM was great, definitely worth the time. It was well organized and fulfilling. I found the networking to be extremely valuable and it was prioritized and encouraged throughout the conference. I was able to connect with individuals at a diverse set of institutions across the country (e.g., community college, big, small, R1). The sessions were small groups that encouraged discourse and knowledge sharing. Everyone I met was extremely kind, open-minded, and welcoming." - Erin Dietrich, University of Michigan


"Fun conference with engaging peer discussions, relevant vendor discussions, good venues, and relaxed atmosphere. Smaller than large shows so more time to connect, share stories, and collaborate." - Bill Schuetz, Snow College


"I enjoyed connecting with innovative business leaders through one-on-one meetings. Great opportunity to ask individualized questions!" - Nancy Lubeski, Huron Intermediate School District


"RTM continues to be a great opportunity to networking and vendor connections. The intimate event size means that I get valuable time with old friends, new friends and potential vendor partners." - Kate Hash, UNC

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